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Whenever I put on a wig, my mum is the first to comment. Before she says anything nice about how I look in the wig, she would say,

When we were your age, it was the old women who wore wigs. Now it is the young women with lovely natural hair that are championing the act.

Really sometimes I don’t know what she expects that statement to do to me but I just tell her that, in my generation, even old women wear braids in different colours! Bottom line? Time changes.

The reasons for wearing wigs have evolved from being strictly medical to simply being fashion. Also, in this part of the world where the weather is mostly harsh, wigs tend to be an affordable protective style option for women. Wigs are becoming a must-have for most women these days but what should you consider when you walk into a hair shop to buy a wig?

  1. Know your face shape to be sure that the type of wig you are so much in love with will not make people hesitate in complimenting you. The colour of the wig really matters as well as the style and length. Not all wigs are meant for you.
  2. Choose a wig with a bigger and airy wig cap. The very first wig I wore left me with a bad headache for days. The wig cap was so tight that I had to continually slip my finger at the nape to ease the pressure. The truth is, most of us are aware that it is a wig you are wearing, so don’t kill yourself by getting a really tight wig with the fear of “should the wig come off”. Your head will appreciate the free circulation of blood and air.
  3. When you are in a shop and you aren’t sure you know the quality of hair you want, start feeling the hair textures available. Hair can be synthetic, high temperature fibre or human; and even with the human hair, there are grades. One way to know what type of hair a wig is made of, is to feel it.  Synthetic hair is not as soft and fine as the high temperature fibre and the high temperature fibre is not as soft and fine as the human hair.
  4. Ask questions about the wig you intend to buy especially if it is costing more than necessary. At times, when clients bring old wigs to be redone, I get curious about how much they were charged for the wigs. Prices of wigs differ depending on the quality of hair used especially. There are times when the wig maker uses a lower grade hair but charges you way too much. No one will attack you if you ask why!
  5. Closures and frontals wigs are in vogue now but you need to know that they are all not the same. There are different types and qualities. Ever wondered why some frontals look like skin? The lace! I would have said ask your wig supplier about this but I know mine has no idea about this. So when next I do a wig post I will do well to address that.
Breathable wigcap

I hope these tips were helpful. Don’t hesitate to give me a call or send a text when you need more information about your dream wig (lol). I’d be glad to help. Don’t forget to share this. Thank you.

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  1. Some naive wig buyers like me are now informed. Thanks to the helpful tips.
    We are grateful