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Wigs do not grow from our scalps so there’s mostly this tendency that they can give us away by the kind of looks they create on us. Thankfully, hair manufacturers are doing a wonderful job in creating some artificial hairy scalps (closures and frontals) to make the wigs we wear nowadays look more natural.
How natural can something artificial like a wig be? Sometimes, wigs are worn so perfectly that you could argue that they weren’t but the wearer’s own hair… that dilemma right there, is how far artificial can be natural.
Aside from factors like the quality of the hair piece and the type of lace used in making a wig, there are a number of ways to achieve a natural look with your closure, frontal or lace wigs. If you have the time and patience for that wig you love so much, let’s do this!

  1. Learn a few styling tips.
    A lot of work goes into the nicely styled wigs you buy. So it’s no surprise that your wig looks differently from how you saw earlier if you haven’t given it as much attention as its maker did. If you don’t want to visit the salon every time you want to wear that wig, ask your stylist to teach you how to wear and maintain it. Better still ask YouTube (wink). Sometimes, you are only a few styling tips, products and tools away from achieving that natural look. (Check my next article for some products and styling tools you should have as a wig lover)
  2. Bleach the knots only if necessary.
    There’s this ‘disease’ of bleaching every closure which I so do not subscribe to. First of all, the idea of bleaching closures and tinting them is to make the roots of the ‘artificial scalp’ look like the one God gave to us. So why would you bleach a dark skinned girl’s closure so bad that you would think there was some kind of golden orangey substance in the roots of her hair? No! Pay attention to skin tones and bleach or tint accordingly. You would realize you don’t need to bleach all the time. A little makeup powder (in your shade) on the lace area does the magic (wink). The more your closure matches your skin, the natural it looks.
  3. Pluck
    Plucking has to do with taking out strands of hair from a closure or frontal in order to create a hairline that is close to what you have. Once again, the more the plucked area matches your hairline, the more natural your wig will look. Also, the more you pluck, the more the closure becomes ‘bald’ so you would want to be careful not to overdo it. Plucking reduces the density of the hair along a part as well. This is one of the many cures of bulky looking ‘aboys’ (aboy is how parts are called in my local dialect).
  4. Place the tip of the closure on your scalp
    I have had to grab a few of my clients in a middle of weddings to bring out the tip of their closures from under their wigs. The closure is not designed to be folded inwards but to rest on the scalp. So anytime you put that wig on, put your forefinger under the lace and pull out any folded ends so the closure can lie flat on your skin. That way the lace will look less visible.
  5. Check your braiding pattern
    For people with lightly textured hair, just combing the hair nicely and wearing a wig cap over it gives the braided effect. However, if you have thick relaxed hair or natural hair in general, learn to braid down your hair before wearing your wig…not just two cornrows or five. Braid as many as will make your head small enough to fit in the wig and not make you look like there’s something under your wig. I found out this trick after the largest wig cap ever could not fit on my client’s head (not that she has the biggest head size too). All we had to do was to braid her big afro in the right way and that was it! The closer your wig is to your scalp the more natural it looks.
  6. Avoid too tight and too lose wigs.

Since February is a month of love and love gives, I decided to give you these tips (lol). I hope they were helpful. Don’t forget to share it too. I guess they would be better in a video too, so stay tuned and have a lovely month.